This two strip color, was very popular with cartoons (Comicolors). Magma color was actually Cinecolor. This was not a full color process, though it could look quite nice. Unlike two strip Technicolor, both sides of the film have emulsion layered on top. It scratches very easily. In addition to Cartoons, many features that were three strip tech in 35mm were made as cinecolor in 16mm. Becky Sharp, A Star is Born, Nothing Sacred were all printed in Cinecolor on 16mm. Becky Sharp has never been made available in full color 16mm. A Start is Born was put into general release in full color (Eastman) starting in the mid 1970's. To date only two 16mm prints of Nothing Sacred have been made in full color (print downs from the Selznick CRI neg), though the Yellow matrix has shrunk a bit in one scene, causing what appears to be a registration problem.